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The Viking world was a different world from ours in many ways. Archaeologists, scientists, historians, geographers, and scholars work in different fields, using different methods, answering different questions, but with the same driving compulsion – to understand more about what the world of the Vikings looked and felt like.

Here in this podcast, I talk to scholars to learn more about their work through a series of conversations about their research. All too often, this work is hidden in journals and behind paywalls, difficult to find. Through the dialogue of these interviews, the information flows more freely and more accessibly about life and change in the Viking Age. We consider what these changes are, how they manifest themselves in the archaeology, and how we can explore that data both in terms of methodological approaches and interpretations.

This is a place to talk about the Viking Age as a time of change and transition. We implicitly understand the Vikings as agents, as catalysts of change and as actors in international narratives of conflict and travel. If we dig a little deeper into this Viking narrative, we find a whole raft of changes to landscapes, environments and societies which enable these transitions throughout the Viking Age.

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